Trio Bundle - Women

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UnderWunder perspiration protectors are designed to give you all day comfort and confidence, protecting you against embarrassing sweat stains and odour.  

These disposable, ultra thin and super absorbent, cotton pads are more effective than antiperspirant deodorant.  Designed to lock in excess sweat, these pads offer over 12 hr protection whilst worn inside your garment sleeves.

Care Instructions

Fitting the Liner:

Trim liner for a more discreet fit and use with extra care on delicate fabrics.

Using the Liner:

Environmental factors and excessive sweat can influence the adhesive properties when applied to various materials, becoming either less or excessively effective. For best results, we recommend testing the garment for shorter periods initially to ensure no adhesive residue is left on your garment when removed. Use only once for a maximum of 6-8 hours.

Removing the Liner:

Remove liners slowly before washing clothes and take care when using them in suit jackets and delicate fabrics. If the liner adhesive sticks to the garment, use sticky tape or short bursts of heat from a hair dryer to help lift the liner.

For full care instructions see here.

100%-money-back guarantee

Customer Reviews

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So my teenage daughter sweats like me -- all the time and profusely. She's a casual t-shirt girl and has been really struggling with sweat showing under the arms. We tried Numi, but in the summer, it's too hot. These underwunders are saving her summer and she plans to use them during the school year with her uniform shirts.

Great product, love it

Really saves your clothes, espexially in the summer

Nicole Boddington
Wish I'd found these before

I've needed a product like this for such a long time. Now I can wear singlet/sleeveless tops under my blazers and jackets without having to worry about sweating and subsequent dry cleaning.

Tori Baulding
Excellent Customer Service

I ordered these and had problems with delivery. I can't fault the communication of their customer service and am very impressed. Thank you!

A true staple

After seeing the ads pop up on Instagram, I finally gave in. Only wish I got onto it sooner. Love this product, knowing my blazers can last longer between dry cleaning.