Twin Pack - Women

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Introducing our Twin Pack – providing you with versatility and discreet protection for all your wardrobe needs. This bundle includes 2 packs of the same colour Perspiration Protectors to maintain your style without sacrificing comfort.

Bundle features:

  • Bundle includes 2 packs - 2x white or 2x black liners.
  • Each pack contains 24 cotton blend liners for long-lasting protection.
  • Choose between white or black liners to complement your daily wardrobe.
  • Discreet and easy to use, so you can stay fresh without anyone knowing.
  • Defence against sweat and odours for ultimate confidence.

Please Note: liner adhesive can stick to fabric if used for long periods of time, based on fabric and weather conditions. Please take care when using in suit jackets and delicate fabrics.

Care Instructions

Fitting the Liner:

Trim liner for a more discreet fit and use with extra care on delicate fabrics.

Using the Liner:

Environmental factors and excessive sweat can influence the adhesive properties when applied to various materials, becoming either less or excessively effective. For best results, we recommend testing the garment for shorter periods initially to ensure no adhesive residue is left on your garment when removed. Use only once for a maximum of 6-8 hours.

Removing the Liner:

Remove liners slowly before washing clothes and take care when using them in suit jackets and delicate fabrics. If the liner adhesive sticks to the garment, use sticky tape or short bursts of heat from a hair dryer to help lift the liner.

For full care instructions see here.

100%-money-back guarantee

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